Confidence is on the other side of fear

Jun 11, 2021

by hall of fame speaker Tzvetana Targovska

People typically don’t like to be seen as fearful, but I mean everyone gets scared sometimes. Fear can be a good thing, though.

As someone who has been speaking publicly for more than 20 years, I know a thing or two about this topic. You’ve probably heard that people are statistically more afraid of public speaking than they are of death. I get it. I do. Every time I walk on stage or on a virtual platform I experience fear. Will these people be open to the message that I’m trying to convey? Can I make their lives happier or more efficient? This is a true fear. But it’s also the same emotion that pushes me to keep studying, researching, improving and adapting so that I can deliver my best to every single audience.

As leaders, this message may be very powerful to communicate with our teams. We feel almost as much, or even more, fear than anyone else. If we freeze in the face of fear, we’re trapped in an emotional gridlock but if we stick to working through it, we will use the adrenaline rush to conquer the unexpected and do more than we’ve ever dreamed.

If you want to give your team members the resources they need to tap into strength and trust on the other side of fear, I can help. Message me. Let’s talk about how we can put together psychology and humour for an extraordinary virtual experience for you and your team!

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