What people are saying about Tzvetana Targovska

A perfectionist. Nothing escapes her eyes. Focused, honest and frank communicator. Highest level of efficiency. A fighter in her work. A very nice woman. Likes to help. Confident in her abilities and someone who wants to invest in something big and global. It is my honor and privilege to know her.

Mrs. Nora Tzoneva www.bgminds.com

I've known Tzvetana for years, almost as many as the fingers of one of my hands. But if you need to enumerate Tzvetana’s qualities counting even the toes together with the fingers will not be enough. However, first I would put her drive to grow and improve.

In this regard I have been with her to at least 3-4 events abroad (and I am nobly jealous for at least as many as those, to which I have not managed to go).

I would also distinguish her pro-activeness.

In two phrases – Tzvetana is not one of the people who will only stand by and watch what will happen. She is not afraid to be directly involved in what is happening. Thus, as all leaders ...

I am grateful to fate that I met a person like Tzvetana Targovska and I know that this was not an accident. I also know that our mutual cooperation will continue.


Mr. Plamen Petrov www.blogatstvo.com

In one sentence I would find it difficult to describe a person like Tzvetana.
Incredibly strong and responsible person.
If you do not know what is to be punctual, ask her to meet you at 11:53am and you will find out.
Someone who does not judge, does not blame others for their mistakes, but who you will definitely condemn you if you even try to mistake work with fun during a business meeting. This does not mean that she doesn’t have a sense of humor : )
If you want to do business with her, you will not find a more committed and more responsible person than she is.
Although she seems harsh at first, the ice can easily melt if you are a PERSON.
Absolutely accurate in her judgment with people. Will not save you the truth, nor will lie to you. This is a small part of Tzvetana Targovska.
It is wonderful to be her friend! Thank you, Tzveti that you exist!

Mrs. Milena Drenovska www.momentofpeace.net

I met Tzvetana recently, but I have a wonderful impression of her as a very serious and responsible person. Honest and loyal to people. She loves to give and be of help to others. Never satisfied with mediocre stuff. Loves to communicate and does this at a high level. Constantly seeks quality sources to affirm and develop personally. Person with values ??and an expert in the area in which she has interests as a business.

Mr. Ognyan Chipev www.ognyanchipev.ws

When you think of her you see an honest, direct, uncompromising, bold, a natural leader. Someone with high demands on herself and on the people she works with.

Mrs. Svetlana Zheleva Assistant Project Management

Tzvetana Targovska is dedicated, energetic and focused, intelligent and artistic. She has a fresh sense of humor and optimistic and positive attitude. She is someone trustworthy, a loyal friend and a pleasant companion.

Mrs. Natalia Stoyanova, Head of the Office of the Governor of the Bank

Tzvetana is honest and responsible, with a cheerful nature. Open minded for new things and opportunities in life.

Mr. Ventsislav Kalchev, Quality Assurance Manager

I have known Tzvetana as a very organized and serious person, down to earth. Very responsible and fair in her relationship with the people who she respects. I treasure her very much as a friend and a person of broad outlook and multilateral interests.
Her only drawbacks are that she plans her time precisely to the last very second for the next 3 to 5 years ahead, including the meetings with her friends ; ) and that she doesn’t drink beer : )

Mrs. Irena Mikhailova, Deputy Chief Auditor

Tzvetana Targovska encouraged me with her smile even when I did not deserve it.

Mr. Plamen Savov, Student

Tzvetana is the only person I know in whom there is nothing bad!

Mr. Asen Tasev, Film Director

Very responsible person and a caring mother. Excellent dealing with the assigned tasks. Constantly raising the bar for newer and higher goals and striving for their achievement.

Ms Antoaneta Milcheva, Host

Tzvetana is a straightforward and freedom-loving woman who even at the cost to turn a friend into an enemy will defend her truth. “One can not please everyone, so at least let us please ourselves”.
She is loving, caring and dedicated mother. Workaholic - that can be overwhelming for her some times : )
The only thing I would say is her disadvantage is that sometimes she reacts sharply. Most people are not straightforward like her and they might feel awkward in such a situation.
I'm a true fan of Tzvetana. Tzvetana is an ambitious woman with a broad worldview. Always friendly, bright, very attractive and intuitive. And these are things that symbolize life.

Ms. Tsvetyana Gyokova, Accountant

A person with innate intuition. Bold, resolute, very beautiful, which is not found today in such a combination.

Mrs. Vera Ulinska, Operator

Dedicated in everything she tackles. She is a rare example of a REAL Professional, Parent, Partner, Friend ... I cherish her very much and I am very happy to have her among my friends!

Ms Lyudmila Valcheva, Lawyer


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